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Woocommerce Voucher for Wordpress

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Have you ever wanted to give away vouchers, coupons, tickets or tokens on your website? If so this plugin is for you. You can create a voucher with Woocommerce, choosing the layout, patterns and font from a range of templates (you can also add your own templates). Vouchers can then be viewed, downloaded and printed in PDF format.

Each voucher has a unique code,  can be customized for each product. and vouchers that have an email address associated with them can only be used once, so once a registration-required voucher is downloaded it can’t be downloaded again.

 Woocommerce Voucher Features:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Ability to create unlimited voucher templates with Drag & Drop interface.
  • Connect Your Business and Online Store with Customizable PDF Vouchers.
  • Add custom redeem instructions, add unlimited locations to the PDF.
  • Ability to add info to the PDF.
  • Allow to import via csv.
  • Allows to enter voucher codes manually, as comma separated list.
  • Ability to restrict codes to be used only one time or unlimited times.
  • Ability to export a list of all purchased voucher codes as PDF and CSV includes the complete customer details.
  • Ability to assign vendor users to voucher product.
  • Send Emails to Vendors when their voucher get sold out.
  • Ability to check voucher code is Valid or not for vendors.
  • Added support of QRcode and Barcode for vouchers.
  • Supports using vouchers with variable products.
  • Allow your customers to personalize their vouchers on the store’s frontend.
  • Ability to set vendor info: logo, website url, etc...
  • Ability to create coupon codes automatically based on voucher codes purchasing to allow users for online store redemption.

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