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How to Setting Shipping method

Created Date: 2015-03-16
This tutorial will guide you How to Setting Shipping method

Step 1 - In the seller's dashboard, click on "Shipping Settings" button

Step 2a - Under Shipping Settings, there are 2 types of shipping methods

Fixed Fix rate shipment, ignore the weight of the item
Combined Recommend method, combined fixed and weight-based shipment. Refer to Step 3

Step 2b - Under combined method, you can set the price for weight per kg and system will auto calculate the total shipment for you. Below is explanation:

Shipping Method Choose "Weight-based Shipment"
Comment (Optional)  
Geo Zone Select the price for which zone
Weight Step The incremental value. For example, if the price is increment by per 1kg, enter value "1" in the field
Cost per Weight Enter the amount for per kg