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Related Options PRO Take Product Options to the Next Level

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Seller: Alex Fugo
Price: $87.00

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Related Options PRO allows to create combinations of related product option values, set specific settings for every combinations and limit customers to selecting only available combinations of option values on the product page in the customer section.

Combine Any Number of Product Option Values

The module allows to create combinations containing any number of related options (1,2,3,4,5, ... any reasonable number).

Many Variants of Combinations Per Product

The module allows to have several dependent or independent variants of combinations of related options per product. Variants for example: Option1+Option2 and Option2+Option3 (the first combination is interdependent to the second ) and Option4+Option5+Option6 (the third combination is independent from the previous two).

Custom Settings Per Combination

The module allows to set Quantity, Price, Model (product code), SKU, UPC, EAN, Weight, Out Of Stock Status, Discounts, Specials for combinations of related product options (most of the fields are optional, they can be enabled/disabled on the setting page of the module).

Stock Control Per Combination

The module allows to subtract the stock per combination of related options on automatically (like it basically works in opencart for the product stock).

Purchase Only Available Combinations

The module allows customers to select only available combinations of related option values. If an option value is selected, only related values of other options will stay available to select.

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