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How to Add Product

Created Date: 2016-03-12

This tutorial will guide you how to add new products

Step 1 - In the seller's dashboard, click on "Create a new product" button

Step 2 - Under All tab, fill-in compulsory field with "*" icon, else system not allow you to save the item. Below is the field description

Name Product name
Description Product description. You can use the editor to beautify the description layout, such as insert image and etc
Tags Enter the product tags that buyer easy to find your items. You may enter product brand, model and etc
Product Distribution Way Physical Product with Shipping - If select this option, item will be calculate shipment fee, useful for physical products
Digital Download - If select this option, item will ignore the shipment fee, useful for digital products
Price Product selling price
Category The product belong to which category. Please make sure you assign your product into correct category so that potential customer easy to find your item
Quantity How many quantity of this item available. Please take note if the item quantity go to 0, system will auto unpublish the item until you change the quantity again
Images Product image
Downloads If you are selling digital product, upload the file here. If you are selling physical product, ignore it
Shipping tab if you choose "Physical product", please setting your shipping method.
Options tab Add product option: Price, start date, end date.
Special Price You may add special price