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About Us

Ladadeal is a fully hosted solution that enables you to create a tailored marketplace anywhere in the world, in any language and for any product, service or industry. Underlying every marketplace is a member-based community of interest, which we sometimes refer to as a ‘tribe’. When you make people feel that they belong to a tribe and you harness passion, it is an immensely powerful thing. Ladadeal is here to help you create your community and bring your tribe together.

Ladadeal is the leading technology and business platform used globally by people and businesses that want to create successful online marketplaces.

Ladadeal allows you to focus on growing market share, audience, relevant content and most importantly a sense belonging within your community.

Ladadeal is scalable across all product, service and event categories and powers many successful marketplaces in the world.

Easy and Accessible Shopping

No more traffic jams, crowds and long queues! Shop anytime, anywhere via your computer and mobile phone.

With our quick and reliable delivery service, just sit back, relax and your package will come to you.

Safe and Secure Shopping

Understanding the importance of safe and secure shopping, we provide our customers with a broad range of secure payment options.

Be assured of product quality and authenticity: All purchases on Ladadeal are guaranteed to be genuine products, new, not defective or damaged.